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Abstracts submitted for presentations/posters should describe the purpose and scope of the work, contribution to the state-of-the-art, methods used, essential results already obtained, results to be included in the final version of the paper, conclusions and supporting figures and references where appropriate.

The collection of abstracts will be available in print or on CD-ROM at the conference, and be viewable on-line when the conference program has been determined.

The committee will review the abstracts on the basis of originality, technical quality, style and clarity of presentation and importance to the field. Abstracts will then be selected for talks and posters.

Abstracts submission

Attendees who wish to present their work are requested to submit a summary of their work through electronic mail. Please send your abstracts (source together with pdf) to before the deadlines.

The subject title of the E-mail shall be: "[ima5] Extended abst. submission by *** (<--- first author's name)"

The following informations shall be sent in the message together with the abstract file itself :

  • Title:
  • Author(s):
  • Session: 'Oral presentation' or 'Poster'

Abstract instructions and templates

Abstracts can be submitted in LaTeX or Word format using the following downloadable templates (note that LaTeX would be preferred). Format instructions regarding each format are indicated within the templates.


Publication of a volume of EPJ Special Topics entitled Interfacial Fluid Dynamics and Processes

If you are interested in publishing in EPJ-Special Topics, directly submit to an extended abstract (important) of your contribution.

The subject title of the E-mail shall be: "[ima5] Extended EPJST abst. submission by *** (<--- first author's name)"

The following informations shall be sent in the message together with the abstract file itself :

  • Title:
  • Author(s):
  • Paper type : 'Minireview' or 'Tutorial Review' or 'Original Paper (v1)' or 'Original Paper (v2)' (see below)
Note that only one extended abstract is needed for participants wishing to be published in EPJ-ST.

Important dates for publication in EPJ-ST:

  • Extended abstract dead line for publication in EPJ-ST: December 10th 2009
  • Decision of the Science committee and the Editor board and Publishers : January 31st 2010 (depending on the number of contributions)
  • Full paper: June 30th 2010

Article types:

  1. Minireview: A typically 10-15 page contribution, where approximately half of the material is in form of representative mini-review of the entire subtopic/subfield, followed by, approximately of the same length, a short review of own past and present work, coherently summarized and explained in the broader context of the first part.
  2. Tutorial Review: A 20+ page tutorial review (lecture) on a broader topic that adds significantly more introductory and background material to make this reasonably self-contained reading for graduate students and non-specialists from related areas.
  3. Original Paper (v1): A typically 5-10 page contribution, which contains a significant fraction of original material e.g. because it is a follow-up paper of a recently published letter or rapid communication providing more background and details and/or possibly an update re results.
  4. Original Paper (v2) : A short study, typically 3-5 page containing predominantly new material, on a very specific aspect of some broader research published elsewhere.
Not accepted are the following paper categories:
  • Only review of own recent work
  • Summaries and/or condensates of recently published (or to be published) material
No a priori restrictions regarding the mix of categories 1-4 above are given from the side of EPJ-ST. The abstracts must clearly reflect the article type. Proposals will be refereed and accepted or rejected on the basis of the quality and completeness of such a proposal.

Final Papers

Final papers will be published in the European Physical Journal as an EPJ Special Topics issue. As such, the guidelines of EPJ are authoritative. Please refer to EPJ's instructions for authors for the guidelines on the format and style of your contribution.

Papers will be submitted through IMA5, not to EPJ directly. The IMA5 scientific commitee will act as a review committee to assure that papers meet EPJ's standards.  |  |  ©IMA5